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Most of us love motion pictures. While I was always keen on learning how to make movies, it was not until we moved to Santa Fe that the possibility became a reality. New Mexico has abundant facilities, resources, training and legacy of filmmaking that goes back to Thomas Edison.  

In our day, the majority of art is appreciated via the technology of Hi-Definition. Therefore it became not just an artistic ambition but a practical decision that made us enroll in film school. Since 2008 we have graduate level certificates in film production and have produced several of our own as well as worked above the line on dozens of projects. 

Whatever medium of art one has to offer, HD is the means by which to share it. With the help of this technology, our creations can reach the entire global community. 




John Barleycorn



About the making of Open Channel Content films


BAILOUT was awarded the “Best Picture” award at the Santa Fe Reporter 3 Minute Film Festival, which programmed 30 shorts from as far away as the United Kingdom and Latin America. It is an official selection at the Washington DC Independent Film Festival, and the New...

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John Barleycorn

"Ode d' Brew" with Brendan Wedner, Stephanie Nagler and Matt Sanford. Written and Directed by Stryder Simms for Open Channel Content, with music by Jake Sproul. Special thanks to David Aubrey at Lighteningwood in Santa Fe and Scott Roche at Coupe Studios in Boulder....

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Scorched Ladders

90 sec. trailer for the pilot of our current proposed episodic seriesThis month’s post was intended to analyze the movie “12” (2007) from the Russian Federation’s Nikita Mikhalkov. We will push that analysis forward another month so we can dedicate this month to our...

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On Keeping Friends Close and Enemies Closer

I was not up to date on which countries in this world my country’s most pissed at, so I scooped up a few low hanging statistics. There are other ways to distinguish a snake from a hiss, but “enemies of America” is something anyone could search the Internet for a list and that’s what I did.

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Seventh Richest Realm Blues

It’s capital, Caracas, as it is exposed in Sequestro Express,” will give many a viewer the impression of a modern gold rush town. Sequestro, better known in the United States as kidnapping, is a common crime in this region. Sequestro Express is kidnapping “light,” you might say. We’re given the impression from watching the movie, this month, that it could happen to almost anyone at any time.

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Big Wheels Keep on Turning

Pressure will build, exposing weakness until it reaches critical mass and crashes, causing corrections across the map. No thing is spared accept by luck, chance or happenstance. It is faced with just such a roll of the dice that Said seeks his one-way ticket to paradise.

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Compassion cracks the shell of hand-me-down prejudice

If martyrs are moths, we watch this film to learn what burns one in the flame and the other one not. But this story doesn’t seem to be about some valuable result gained at great cost. It’s more about who gets left behind and what gets lost.

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Lesson in Leadership

What is the value of community? How is it won? Who benefits most? This film is a primer in grassroots activism. If we focus on the film like a blueprint for organization, it could be used to help talented but underprivileged folk transcend their circumstances everywhere.

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Judging by what we are shown

Politicians and news reporting agencies are just another bunch of storytellers. Cinema makes us a better deal. It provides us the most factual history. Because it doesn’t rely on actual names or accounts to sharpen our sense of what is false and what is real.

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First Impressions

“Through dreaming you have the opportunity to tolerate some of the unchangeable hardships of life.” Abbas Kiarostami

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