Check-in again. Milagros trailer will soon be posted. An award-winner at last year’s Kids First! Film Festival, “Milagros” is a modern variation on the story of when The Virgin of Guadalupe revealed herself to the peasant Juan Diego. Five centuries after the alleged miracle, a young boy in a New Mexico village has just lost his mother. While his father sinks into self-destructive grief, the boy tries on his mother’s clothes, he cooks, he cleans house, he even asks to play the role of The Virgin in the upcoming feast of Guadalupe pageant. The boy’s father and grandmother quarrel about the boy’s sexual confusion. In a daydream, the boy’s deceased mother appears to him, in the guise of The Virgin. She encourages him to be himself. Meanwhile the father makes peace with his loss. Father and son are reunited and the son chooses to portray the role of Juan Diego instead of the virgin in the charming, folkloric pageant, at the heart of this film.